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Top 5 Wedding Dance Songs

Top 5 Wedding Dance Songs

For some it’s remembering the vows, while others dread the speeches, but for many newlyweds the first dance is the most feared moment of the big day. The first decision is what song you will choose, and this will dictate the style of your dance. The song should be personal to you both; perhaps the song playing when you first met or declared your love, or something that has become your tune over time. Be sure to check all the lyrics, in case some of them are inappropriate for a wedding. Elvis Presley’s “You Were Always On My Mind” is an easy mistake to make, for example, as is Sinead O’Connor’s “Nothing Compares 2 U”. Here are our Top 5 suggestions:

1. I Do Cherish You: 98 Degrees

Popularised in the film Notting Hill, this boy band version of Mark Wills’s original country hit gives the happy couple the chance to perform a foxy Rumba. The fluid song allows you plenty of time to make elegant shapes and beautiful lines around each other, as you spell out the story of your love. 

2. Have I Told You Lately: Van Morrison or Rod Stewart

Whichever version you choose, the lyrics to this song eloquently echo the sentiment of “for better or for worse” in the wedding vows. As you remind each other of your love, you can either stick to a traditional slow dance or be brave and add a few sensual Rumba moves. 

3. Tonight I Celebrate My Love: Peabo Bryson & Roberta Flack

Another song that lends itself well to the Rumba, this beautiful duet enables the couple to recreate their love story. The tender dance tells the tale of your deep, everlasting love, while the lyrics reconfirm the vows you have just made. 

4. Can’t Take My Eyes Off You: Frankie Valli or Andy Williams

This classic song offers a combination of dances as you move from the slow Rumba-style verses to the bouncy Swing or Foxtrot-based chorus, which will no doubt get the audience singing along. Whether you choose the original Frankie Valli version or the gentler style of crooner Andy Williams, your first dance will have a real wow factor. 

5. It Had to Be You: Harry Connick, Jr.

You can’t help but sway when you hear big band music like this, so why not sweep across the dance floor in a Foxtrot to this ultimate love song. With gorgeous long glides and sassy short quicksteps, the Foxtrot is a fun and flirty dance. While it is often considered the hardest style to master, we can teach you some basic steps to make you look like Fred Astaire & Ginger Rogers

Final top tips

Start early. Don’t leave preparation to a few days before your wedding; start at least 3 to 6 months ahead.

Keep it simple. At Arthur Murray Crows Nest we understand that you’ll want to wow your crowd, but that you also want to enjoy the moment and not fret about your feet. We’ll arm you with some basic steps and a simple routine that you can master really well, so that your first dance together is both sensual and sophisticated.

Practice, practice, practice. And don’t forget to do some dress rehearsals to make sure you can dance in your new shoes and aren’t restricted by a cumbersome or tight-fitting outfit.

The Top 30 Bridal Wedding Dance Songs

The Top 30 Bridal Wedding Dance Songs

Your first dance as a married couple can be anything you choose: slow or fast, a mash-up mix, classic or modern, stylish or cheeky, but it is best to choose a song you know well as it will help you learn the steps.

We’ve taken the 30 most popular wedding dance songs and sorted them into styles, to help you find the one that best suits you.

Songs with a big finish

Many of the best love songs are power ballads. This list is one that allows you to really move around the dance floor as you build up to the song’s crescendo:

Putting romance first

 A number that ‘swings’ lends itself well to a classic American Smooth-style dance:

Originally performed by Fred Astaire to Ginger Rogers, this track has been covered many times, including by Tony Bennett, Mel Torme, Perry Como, Doris Day, Ella Fitzgerald, Frank Sinatra, Andy Williams, Harry Connick Jnr, Michael Bublé and Rod Stewart, to name a few.

Sensual steps

If you prefer a Rumba-styled first dance, then try one of these:

Fun on the dance floor

 If want to show your fun-loving nature, try one of these upbeat tunes to get everyone dancing:

Contemporary beats

 Or perhaps you prefer a modern love song to reflect your relationship:

Now perfect those wedding night dance steps

Once you have chosen your tune, visit us at Arthur Murray Crows Nest for a free bridal dance lesson. At our personalised wedding dance classes we tailor moves to suit your song, preferred style and dance abilities. Over a series of classes we can choreograph a personal and unique wedding dance to make your first dance as a couple extra special.

Top tip

While we won’t be bamboozling you with complicated choreography, it’s best to start as early as possible and practice regularly, so that your first dance is like second nature on the big day. And don’t forget to do some dress rehearsals too, to make sure you can dance in your new shoes.

Take the first steps to a wedding night dance to wow your friends and family. Find out more about our wedding dance lessons here.

Top 5 Father/Daughter Dance Songs

Top 5 Father/Daughter Dance Songs

The dance between the bride and her father is one of the most poignant moments at any wedding, and of course you want it to be perfect.

The key to a good father/daughter dance is to keep it simple. It’s important for you both to enjoy this incredibly emotional moment, without worrying too much about where your feet are supposed to be. So we recommend staying away from choreography, and instead focusing on learning a few basic steps so that Dad can comfortably lead his little girl around the dance floor and enjoy holding her close on her wedding day.

First, of course, you’ll need to choose a song that expresses something special about your relationship.

Here are five popular choices.

1. Butterfly Kisses: Bob Carlisle (slow dance)

This is a very popular ballad for the father/daughter dance. The emotional lyrics describe the beautiful journey of fatherhood, right up to the moment he leads his daughter down the aisle. The gentle melody allows for a simple slow dance, where you can enjoy the moment without worrying about fancy footwork.

2. My Girl: The Temptations (Foxtrot)

For something a little more upbeat, try this Motown favourite! The bright, joyful phrases convey the connection without being overly sentimental. The Foxtrot suits this bouncy song really well, so if you are light on your feet we can teach you a few simple steps that will please the crowd.

3. Isn’t She Lovely: Stevie Wonder (Foxtrot)

‘Isn’t She Lovely’ is another good song for the Foxtrot, and the guests will no doubt break out in song as Dad pays tribute to his beautiful daughter. The lively tempo allows for a few fancy moves if you like, but it is just as charming with the basic steps.

Turning the tables, here are a couple of song choices for a daughter to honour her father, her hero.

4. Because You Loved Me: Celine Dion (Rumba)

Get the hankies out as this is a real tear-jerker; Dion’s lyrics thank her loved one for guiding, encouraging and protecting her, and making her the woman she is today. This slow number suits a Rumba, which is a fluid dance; easy to master and effortlessly graceful.

5. It’s For My Dad: Nancy Sinatra (Waltz)

Nancy’s homage to Frank Sinatra is another weepy thank-you song, dedicated to the man who made everything possible, just because he loved her. Starting slow, this number picks up a little and could work well for a traditional father favouring a stylish Waltz.

Once you’ve decided on a song that feels right for you, the next step is to perfect the dance. At Arthur Murray Crows Nest we offer specialist lessons to help you learn the steps and feel at ease as you dance together on the big day. Speak to one of our expert instructors today and find out how we can help make your father/daughter dance a beautiful, memorable part of your wedding day.

Do Your Bridesmaids Have Two Left Feet?

Do Your Bridesmaids Have Two Left Feet?

As a bride-to-be, you’re probably focusing on your first dance with your new husband, rather than your bridesmaids’ claims of having two left feet. But don’t overlook the panic that may overcome your female friends at the prospect of taking to the floor with the groomsmen.

At Arthur Murray Crows Nest we have a few tips and tricks to ease their nerves, so that you can all enjoy a boogie on your big day.

Start with Salsa

It’s impossible not to tap your feet to the catchy rhythms of Salsa music. When you combine the infectious tunes with a fun atmosphere, Salsa lessons feel more like a great night out than hard work. Even people with two left feet can master the basics of Salsa, so let us teach your bridesmaids some easy moves to get them going. You’ll soon find you won’t be able to stop them.

Watch & learn

By taking lessons in a dance studio, your friends will be able to assess themselves from all angles. Your Arthur Murray Crows Nest teacher will help you all get your posture right first, and then learn the steps thoroughly. The key to good dancing is to look up, not at your feet, and practising in front of a mirror will help you make that all-important eye contact with your partner.

Salsa socially

Salsa dance clubs are springing up all over Australia, and offer a great way to find your feet with social dancing. It’s a time for you and your party to let your hair down and dance the stress of wedding preparations away. The more your bashful bridesmaids practise, the more confident they will become, and soon the dance floor will be their friend, not their foe.

Love latin

If your bridesmaids are still scared of fancy footwork, we can focus on the body isolations at the heart of latin dancing instead. That way they’ll be able to move with the music, while keeping things simple. The hot hip action of latin is a great way to minimise movements on a crowded dance floor, while driving the groomsmen wild.

Get some attitude

No matter how scared your bridesmaids feel at first, they can learn to exude confidence on the dance floor. Mastering moves from the Tango or Flamenco, which are full of passion, will help them look and feel good, so we can arm them with a few steps to strut their stuff.

Optimum outfits

Give your bridesmaids half a chance and make sure that they’re in comfortable shoes and dresses that allow for movement – asking anyone to dance elegantly in six-inch heels and a pencil skirt is near impossible. If they opt for high heels during the day, perhaps they could slip into a pair of pumps for the evening.

Work with your bridesmaids to fight their fears, so that they can let their hair down on the dance floor to celebrate your special day. You never know, one of them might even find a latin lover who proves to be her Mr Right!

Choosing Choreography For Your Bridal Dance

Choosing Choreography For Your Bridal Dance

We’ve all seen the first wedding dance YouTube classics; whether the bride trips on her veil, the groom slips in his new shoes or some guests turn into a flash mob, it makes for a memorable moment. At Arthur Murray Crows Nest we can help ensure that your big dance as newlyweds is remembered for all the right reasons. From choosing the song and style of dance to suit you, to the choreography, we can create a routine as simple or as complex as you like to make your first dance extra special.

Song choice is critical as it speaks volumes about you as a married couple, as well as setting the style of the dance. It’s best to choose a song you know really well as it will help you learn the steps and keep rhythm. If you want your band to play a live version of your tune, ask for a recording to practice to, as it’s likely to be slightly different from the original.

The traditional option is a Waltz, and if this is your preferred style we can help you cover the whole dance floor so that everyone can catch a glimpse of this romantic first dance. We can teach you how to spot your turns so that you don’t take a tumble as you twirl, and include a few well-timed pauses to allow you to regain your composure and pose for the camera.

If you choose a sensual Rumba, the choreography can portray the journey of your relationship through the use of this style’s fluid shapes and beautiful lines. Many love songs are suited to this tender dance and poignant lyrics can add even more meaning to the movement.

If you want to emulate Fred Astaire & Ginger Rogers, we can design a stunning American Smooth to timeless big band music. By keeping the routine reasonably simple, you won’t have to worry about forgetting any steps and can focus instead on impressing the crowd with a stylish mixture of Quickstep, Foxtrot and Jazz elements.

We don’t suggest you get too cocky and use props unless you’re able to get lots of practice to be really comfortable with them. If you are able to master holding hats, canes or any other items however, it could inject additional personality into your routine.

For something a little different we can mash up the styles; perhaps starting with a traditionally slow love song, then launching into a jumping jive to your favourite rock ’n’ roll number. Whatever style you choose, we will construct a tender beginning, an interesting peak in the middle and a dazzling end to get the full wow factor.

If you want to retain the limelight for the whole dance, we can choreograph a shortened version of the song to keep your guests watching throughout; or if you would prefer to be joined on the dance floor, we can add some strategically-placed welcoming moves to encourage friends and family to find their feet.

Make Your Wedding Dance Special: 6 Tips To Spice Things Up

Make Your Wedding Dance Special: 6 Tips To Spice Things Up

It’s your wedding day and, as much as anything else, you really want your first dance to go smoothly, with no slips, trips or falls and definitely no disasters worthy of posting on YouTube. Arthur Murray Crows Nest will not only give you the confidence and know-how to get through your first dance without a hitch, but we can also give you a few tips and tricks to make your debut on the dance floor memorable for the right reasons.

1. Take a dip

It may sound simple, but a deep dip with the bride’s toe pointing out from beneath a full skirt can look very elegant. Not only is it romantic for the crowd to see the groom lovingly cradle his new wife, but the change of pace as you slow down and take care over the bend will add interest and surprise to your dance. Practicing together will improve your trust and communication, so it’s a particularly good move for newlyweds.

2. Master the turn

Whatever style of dance you select, you can always impress your audience with a few well-timed turns; whether that’s both of you twirling around the floor in a Viennese Waltz, the bride being led in a Lindy turn, or each of you, one after the other, spinning Salsa-style. Learning to turn professionally not only looks impressive, but is eye-catching as the bride’s dress and groom’s tails add to the spectacle.

3. Add a lift

Adding a lift to your wedding dance needn’t mean perfecting a daredevil acrobatic throw of the bride over groom’s the head. Even the simplest of low lifts can really wow your guests. Getting airborne in moderation is easy to master from a range of simple to complex styles. Choose from hand-to-hip, hand-to-hand press, or armpit-hold lifts. Each type will make an impressive addition to any dance.

4. Mash it up

When you think about the many styles of dance you enjoy and the long list of songs you would like to dance to, you don’t worry about choosing just one – mash it up. Dancing to a medley of your personal favourites keeps your guests entertained and is a great way to start the dance floor buzzing for the rest of the reception. Keep to traditional expectation by starting with a traditional Waltz before breaking out in to some street or hip hop moves; juxtapose Jive and the Tango, or switch the Salsa for the Foxtrot.

5. Take turns to shine

Although this is your first dance celebrating your new life together, there is nothing to say that you have to dance the whole piece in unison. Marriage is a partnership where you support each other through life’s ups and downs, so why not start as you mean to go on by letting your other half take the spotlight for a few moves and then strut your own stuff, before finishing the dance in each other’s arms again.

6. Use props

If you are a little more confident with your dancing and want to inject some old-fashioned pizzazz, spice up your routine with a few props and you’ll really look like a pro. Simple touches include adding a touch of romance; start the routine with one partner sitting down and being asked to dance. Be cheeky, by hanging up a hat and coat each, before hitting your routine. Or you could progress your dance from tradition to flair, using classic props in the style of Fred Astaire & Ginger Rogers’ canes or just reference their style by changing these for something quirky, like hockey sticks or horse-riding crops, to reflect your passions.

5 Tips For A Perfect Wedding Dance

5 Tips For A Perfect Wedding Dance

The vows have been made, the speeches given and the cake has been cut. The last official duty to perform on your big day before fully relaxing is to get through the first dance with confidence. With all eyes on you both as you take to the dance floor it will help your confidence if you follow these tips when preparing for your wedding dance.

1. Song selection

All planning for this moment begins with your song selection. Most couples will have a track that has a special meaning for them, but before you assume your favourite song is the right one, listen to it carefully. First of all you need to hear the lyrics all the way through. For example, Elvis Presley’s ‘You Were Always on My Mind’ certainly sounds intrinsically romantic, but it’s about a broken relationship. After lyrics, the melodies of your shortlisted song choices need checking for ‘dance-ability’. Are they too fast or too slow? Is there a gradual build up of tempo that can work for common dance styles? If songs are too long, can they be faded out? Or is a dramatic finish integral to the track? All of these factors and others need to be considered when choosing your wedding song and at Arthur Murray Crows Nest we can help you make the right decision.

2. Dance style

After song selection, comes dance style. This doesn’t just mean whether you prefer a traditional Waltz, jumping Jive or sexy Salsa, but whether you want a fully choreographed dance or prefer to just go with the flow. Whatever you decide, it’s a good idea to have a few dance lessons as a couple, so that you each feel more confident on your feet and can move comfortably working in tandem. Even if you don’t want to learn a complete routine, mastering a few key moves to blend into an otherwise spontaneous dance could make a big difference to your enjoyment and fun when it comes time to hit the floor for your wedding dance.

3. Audit your outfit

In a purely practical sense, brides need to take into account their outfit when planning their wedding dance. Voluminous and tight-fitting dresses each present different challenges for carefree dancing in comfort and with ease. And don’t forget about your wedding shoes, which will almost certainly be new – practice dancing in them during the weeks ahead of your wedding day, to help break them in. This way you’ll discover, in private, whether they are too slippery or too high for any ambitious dance moves you might be planning.

4. Picture perfect

Whether your dance is choreographed or relaxed and free-form, you’ll treasure photographs that capture the moment. Take time to discuss with your photographer how to best achieve quality wedding dance photos – if your routine includes a particular special feature, like a twirl, dip or lift, your photographer will need to be in the right place at the right time to snap your dance floor highlight. It’s even worth taking a practice run with them, to give an idea of what to expect where and when, during the song.

5. Practice, practice, practice

Whether you’ve chosen complex choreography or a straightforward romantic sway, it pays to practice with music, ahead of the big night. Make sure you are both familiar with the highs and lows of the song, that you know when to do your star turn, when to invite your guests to the floor, or that you’re comfortably prepared for the finale. With all this preparation under your belt, you’ll be able to relax and truly enjoy the first dance as a married couple with confidence and in style, when the moment finally arrives.

Popular Bridal Customs For Your Wedding Dance

Popular Bridal Customs For Your Wedding Dance

There is no greater festivity than a wedding to use music and dance for celebration, so it makes sense that these art forms have always been prominent in marriage ceremonies. Whether your wedding day is traditional or contemporary, the dances at the party afterwards will be as memorable to guests as the formal nuptials, in capturing the mood of the whole affair.

First dance

It’s traditional for the first dance of the evening to be between the bride and groom, but taking to the floor in the spotlight as man and wife can be daunting. At Arthur Murray Crows Nest, we’re here to help: from choosing the song and style of dance to suit you, to the choreography, where we can create a routine as simple or as complex as you like. Taking wedding dance classes will give you more confidence on your feet together and ensure you start your married life as you mean to go on – perfectly in sync.

Mash up

If you can’t decide on just one song, or if you’d like the music to have special impact on your guests, we can choreograph your bridal dance to a unique compilation. You could start with a traditional love song and then break out into disco, followed by a Salsa beat. Ending your mash up with a popular number as a signal to get the crowd dancing with you is a popular way to bring guests to their feet, joining the newlyweds and getting the party started.

Flash mob impact

If you don’t want the spotlight on yourselves for the whole first dance, enlist the help of your wedding party and select guests and organise a flash mob to surprise your family and friends. Flash mobs started as a seemingly spontaneous gathering of people in a public space to perform a bizarre or pointless act, but have taken over as organised dance routines that are increasingly popular at weddings. Footage of an elaborate wedding flash mob showing off the skills of your ‘secret dancers’ and your delighted guests’ reactions creates a unique memory of the day you’ll enjoy watching for years to come.

Father & daughter and mother & son dance

Once the bride has danced with her husband, she can also choose to honor the previous man-of-her-life with a touching father-daughter dance. It’s a good idea to have a few lessons to learn some key steps to help dad lead his daughter around the dance floor on the big day. A modern twist on this idea is for the groom to dance with his mother, and in some instances the happy couple swap and dance with their in-laws, too.

Throwing the bouquet & garter

The irresistible tradition of tossing the bridal bouquet has remained popular as a wedding reception highlight and is often staged for the dance floor. The bride traditionally throws her bouquet behind her, to a group of single ladies. Whoever catches the flowers is said to be the next to marry. Similarly, the groom removes the bride’s garter and pitches it to the single gentlemen present, to find the next groom-to-be.

The ‘money dance’

The money dance started as a tradition in Europe during the early 1900s as a way to give the happy couple a little money to set up a new home; nowadays, it’s seen as fun way to give the newlyweds some honeymoon spending money. Male guests are invited to pay a nominal amount to briefly dance with the bride – but just be aware that this can be a time-consuming tradition if you have a large guest party.

Anniversary dance

This modern tradition is a great way to get your guests of all ages up and on the dance floor. All couples are invited to dance and, throughout the song, the DJ calls out increasing numbers to represent years of marriage. At the call of one year, the newlyweds must leave the dance floor, and as the DJ works through 2, 5, 10 years and more, the number of couples remaining dwindles. It is a lovely way to involve and honor the older generations present, who may otherwise hold back from participating on the dance floor.

Last dance

For the last dance at your reception, you can choose to play slow love song, as a marker for the end of the evening – perhaps a selection that was a runner-up for your first dance but didn’t make the cut? Or maybe choose a lively upbeat track for the young-at-heart who will continue partying after you leave? A medley of favorite songs – or a sneaky last-minute flash mob from the bridal party – as the newlyweds bid their farewells are other ways to let music and dance finish your wedding-day story with style.

Be confident in the spotlight

Arthur Murray Crows Nest helps newlyweds make sure their wedding dances go off without a hitch. We offer a free bridal dance class so you can test the benefits of getting expert choreography tips for when all eyes are on you. Register for a complementary lesson today or give us a call if you have more questions.

How To Pull Off The Perfect Wedding Dance

How To Pull Off The Perfect Wedding Dance

Not everyone feels comfortable getting up in front of their friends and family and dancing and many brides and grooms will try and get around this by either not having a first dance or encouraging their friends and family to quickly join them on the dance floor to take the attention off them.

But whether you’ve got two left feet or a little bit of stage fright, it shouldn’t put you off enjoying your first public moment as a married couple. In fact, you should want to own the dance floor! It’s your big day, after all.

Dancing isn’t something that necessarily comes naturally to everyone, so that’s why Arthur Murray Crows Nest offers bridal dance lessons to help you pull off a spectacular first dance.

This not only gives you the confidence to get out there on the day and tear up the dance floor, it’s also a great way to connect with your partner on a more intimate level during the otherwise stressful weeks leading up to the wedding.

When you come in to Arthur Murray Crows Nest to learn how to dance, it can help if you have a bit of an idea of what you’re hoping your first dance will look like. There are several dance styles from Salsa to the Waltz and even Swing dancing that you could learn to make your bridal dance unique to you as a couple.

It can be difficult to choose a style so we recommend you consider potential songs that you believe best represent you as a couple.

Picking the perfect bridal dance song

While you may be tempted to Google the most popular first dance songs (Ed Sheeran’s Thinking Out Loud is currently number one), we think that the best way to pick a song is to look at your own Spotify & iTunes playlists to pick out something that is perfect for you, even if that ends up being Ed Sheeran’s Thinking Out Loud.

Once you have a song (or a shortlist of songs) selected, it can be easier to pick a dance style to go with the rhythm of the song. For instance, an Ed Sheeran song isn’t suited to Swing dance, but there are lots of other modern love songs that are, including songs by Ariana Grande & Christina Aguilera.

We love it when you come in with some song ideas as it helps us better understand you as a couple so that we can show you some moves that will encapsulate that.

We recommend allowing time for at least 8 dance lessons before the big day to ensure you feel confident in your footwork, regardless of what nerves might hit on the night.

Father & daughter dance

We also offer dance lessons for the father/daughter dance and find that Dad’s love spending the time with their daughters, having a good laugh while they move from stepping awkwardly on each others toes to gracefully moving across the floor in a way that will have your mother wishing she’d dragged your father into dance lessons years earlier!

If you’re looking to give your day the perfect bridal dance, contact us today to discuss private or group dance lessons for your wedding day.

4 Reasons To Take Bridal Dance Classes Before Your Wedding

4 Reasons To Take Bridal Dance Classes Before Your Wedding

Why not take dance classes before your wedding?

Your big day is fast approaching, and you have a never-ending stack of items to cross off your ‘To Do’ list. The stress is mounting, and you’re seriously considering running away with your fiance and eloping, consequences (disappointed relatives) be damned.

Step away from your passports and book some latin dancing classes instead.

This might feel as though you’re adding yet another item to your list, but it’s one decision you won’t regret.

Reduce stress and improve fitness

Dancing is one way to show love to both your body and mind. It’s been proven to lower cortisol levels (linked to stress), as well as improve muscle tone, coordination and heart health. Planning a wedding can be stressful – consuming most of your attention and leaving little time for anything else. This is a great way to have fun and get fit, while working towards a wedding-related goal (ie. capturing the look of awe on your guests’ faces when they see you sashay across the dance floor like a pro).

Strengthen your bond with your fiance

It can be difficult to remember why you even want to say ‘I do’, when you’re in the midst of yet another argument over seating arrangements. Taking classes together can remind you why you’re going through the motions of wedding-planning in the first place – to celebrate your love for each other. Latin dancing – which is characterised by touch and slow, sensual movements – boosts oxytocin levels (the love hormone), strengthening your connection and reminding you not to sweat the small stuff.

Feel confident while enjoying your first dance together

Unless you’re a bit of a show pony who thrives under the spotlight, chances are you’re going to feel nervous when all eyes are watching you on the dance floor. Taking classes will help you both feel more confident, so you can truly appreciate this beautiful moment.

Which style is best?

Our professional dance teachers can help you choreograph the perfect routine – whether you want to go for a romantic Waltz, incorporate some Tango or add a touch of funky Swing. We work with you to bring your unique style to life on the dance floor.

Feel free to visit the Arthur Murray Crows Nest Studio, meet our amazing staff and book yourself in for a complimentary private bridal lesson.