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Benefits For Wedding Couples

Your team of teachers at Arthur Murray Crows Nest are sincerely interested in your dancing needs and desires for your special day.

It’s our utmost wish to give you all that you desire from your dance lessons. In order to plan your wedding program as intelligently & accurately as possible, it’s important that your instructors know exactly what you wish to gain from your dancing. With your co-operation, we can help you become a better dancer rapidly, so that you can enjoy these many benefits.

Below is a list of benefits that other couples have mentioned most frequently as having been gained through becoming a better dancer. So your teacher can personalise your program to your specific desires, have a think about the 5 most significant benefits you expect to gain from your dancing.

Benefits you can receive before and after your wedding… 

  1. More fun and enjoyment at your reception and honeymoon.

  2. Increased self-confidence.

  3. Improved socialising at reception.

  4. Relaxation.

  5. Exercise.

  6. Improved appearance.

  7. Feel comfortable during the father/daughter, mother/son or other spotlight dance.

  8. Self-improvement.

  9. Wedding party dance.

  10. Date night enjoyment & entertainment.

  11. Acquiring more grace & poise.

  12. Overcoming shyness.

  13. A sense of style.

  14. A release from tensions.

  15. A shared hobby or interest.

  16. A means of expression.

  17. Admiration from others at your wedding reception or honeymoon.

  18. Dance entertainment at reception.

  19. Feel comfortable dancing with others at reception.

Can you see yourself dancing after your wedding day?

Many of our wedding couples have so much fun learning to dance as a couple, they continue having lessons even after the big day. It’s a fantastic way to spend time together doing something you both have in common. You also become part of the Arthur Murray Crows Nest community - we have dance nights and socials all year round, so you’re never short of something fun to do!

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