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Parties & Social Events

At Arthur Murray Crows Nest there’s enough to keep your social calendar full all year round!

Practice Parties

Held on alternate Friday nights, our practice parties give you the opportunity to break away from your structured learning and dance the night away! Find out more >>

Match Competitions

Held monthly, these mini-competitions are a way for you to get used to dancing in front of other students while they cheer you on. Find out more >>

Destination Unknown

Held annually, this is the event everyone raves about. You’ll meet at the Studio for cocktails & canapés, then be whisked away to a secret location! Find out more >>

Medal Ball

Held annually, the Medal Ball is where we come together to celebrate the achievements of all of our beautiful students over the past year. Find out more >>


This is a one-day, non-competitive event designed to build your confidence and get you used to dancing in front of a crowd and with other students, all without the stress of performing at a professional competition. Find out more >>


These competitions are an extension of a Showcase, but incorporate additional events, social outings, professional floorshows & international judges. Find out more >>

Overseas Events

Superamas & World Dance-o-Ramas are the biggest events Arthur Murray has to offer. From New York to Barcelona, you’ll travel with your teachers & fellow students for an absolutely jam-packed week! Find out more >>

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