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Practice Parties

Held every alternate Friday night, all-year round, the Arthur Murray Crows Nest practice parties are there to give you the opportunity to practice and try out all of the new dance steps and techniques you’ve been learning on your private and group lessons.

Not only will you get to dance with your instructor, you’ll have the chance to dance with other instructors and students in a comfortable, relaxed and friendly atmosphere.

Why should I attend?

You’ll make new friends

You’ll get to meet all of the students at Arthur Murray Crows Nest - students you might not normally see if they’re not having a lesson on the same day as you.

You’ll get to dance with new people

It can be a bit scary to dance with someone new or maybe even more experienced, but what better way to put all of the new skills you’ve been learning into practice! We’re all here to dance and have fun and you’ll find all of the students and instructors incredibly supportive.

You’ll build confidence

By dancing with teachers other than your own and either more or less experienced students, you’ll gain new confidence in your own dancing - you’ll learn to become either a better leader if you’re a man, or a better follower if you’re a female. At Arthur Murray Crows Nest, we’re all about social dancing - getting out there and having fun and dancing the night away!

You’ll get really fit

If you’re preparing for an upcoming competition or showcase, what better way to build your fitness level than to come and dance the night away for a few hours at the practice parties! Work up a sweat and have fun along the way.

You’ll perfect your floor craft

This one’s for the gentlemen! By dancing on a crowded dance floor with other students of different levels, you’ll learn to navigate the dance floor gracefully and with ease.

The practice parties are for new and experienced students to put their instruction into practical use. Everyone is here to have fun and share their love of dance with each other, so put on your dancing shoes and make sure you come along to the next party!