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Don't take our word for it, hear from some of our favourite students!

Sam & Dianne Chi

Sam & Dianne Arthur Murray Crows Nest

It’s a funny story how we started learning ballroom & latin dancing... my wife found an advertisement in a senior’s discount booklet for a free lesson at Arthur Murray Crows Nest. Upon my wife's insistence, I reluctantly went along. Now, more than 11 years later, we’re still learning and regularly participating in competitions locally and overseas.

The Crows Nest Studio has many wonderful and friendly instructors engaged in personal and group tuition. Our teacher, Joanne Middonte, one of the franchisees, is a very talented dancer and dedicated tutor. We’ve participated in many of their social activities and I've enjoyed all of the Showcases and local and international Dance-o-Rama competitions dancing with both my wife and Joanne. We’ve even been lucky enough to have won a few awards along the way! Hopefully we’ll continue our association with the Crows Nest Studio for many more years to come… and body willing!

Janet Black Review

Janet Black

I've been dancing here for 14 years and will continue until my body gives up! I've loved dance all of my life but the Arthur Murray Crows Nest experience has taken my love and learning to another level.

My lessons are so much fun, they're challenging (in a good way) and a great form of exercise. Add to that the social side, great people, parties, outings, local and overseas competitions and you have the ultimate hobby!


Georgia Ford

I've been dancing at Arthur Murray Crows Nest for over 3 years and have loved it from the get-go. The staff are warm, friendly and professional and are excellent at adapting their teaching styles to your needs and learning pace.

I've made a lot of good friends amongst the student body as well due to the social nature of the Studio and I would highly recommend Arthur Murray for those who are passionate about dance.

Heidi & Justin Arthur Murray Crows Nest

Heidi & Justin

We started dancing in 2009 for our wedding. We had so much fun learning that we kept it up!

The Studio is really flexible to do as much as you want and on your schedule. The staff are always encouraging you to improve yourselves and as a couple learning, they have accommodated both of our learning styles very well.

Ayshe Talay-Ongan Arthur Murray Crows Nest

Ayshe Talay-Ongan

We were interested in learning the Tango for our daughter's wedding, but here we are two years later! Dancing has now become our passion, due in large part, to the excellent teaching and supportive atmosphere of the Crows Nest Studio.

The journey is long and I envy the folks who started years ago to achieve the beauty and grace of ballroom and the seduction of latin dancing. We're determined to continue!!