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Make Your Wedding Dance Special: 6 Tips To Spice Things Up

Make Your Wedding Dance Special: 6 Tips To Spice Things Up

It’s your wedding day and, as much as anything else, you really want your first dance to go smoothly, with no slips, trips or falls and definitely no disasters worthy of posting on YouTube. Arthur Murray Crows Nest will not only give you the confidence and know-how to get through your first dance without a hitch, but we can also give you a few tips and tricks to make your debut on the dance floor memorable for the right reasons.

1. Take a dip

It may sound simple, but a deep dip with the bride’s toe pointing out from beneath a full skirt can look very elegant. Not only is it romantic for the crowd to see the groom lovingly cradle his new wife, but the change of pace as you slow down and take care over the bend will add interest and surprise to your dance. Practicing together will improve your trust and communication, so it’s a particularly good move for newlyweds.

2. Master the turn

Whatever style of dance you select, you can always impress your audience with a few well-timed turns; whether that’s both of you twirling around the floor in a Viennese Waltz, the bride being led in a Lindy turn, or each of you, one after the other, spinning Salsa-style. Learning to turn professionally not only looks impressive, but is eye-catching as the bride’s dress and groom’s tails add to the spectacle.

3. Add a lift

Adding a lift to your wedding dance needn’t mean perfecting a daredevil acrobatic throw of the bride over groom’s the head. Even the simplest of low lifts can really wow your guests. Getting airborne in moderation is easy to master from a range of simple to complex styles. Choose from hand-to-hip, hand-to-hand press, or armpit-hold lifts. Each type will make an impressive addition to any dance.

4. Mash it up

When you think about the many styles of dance you enjoy and the long list of songs you would like to dance to, you don’t worry about choosing just one – mash it up. Dancing to a medley of your personal favourites keeps your guests entertained and is a great way to start the dance floor buzzing for the rest of the reception. Keep to traditional expectation by starting with a traditional Waltz before breaking out in to some street or hip hop moves; juxtapose Jive and the Tango, or switch the Salsa for the Foxtrot.

5. Take turns to shine

Although this is your first dance celebrating your new life together, there is nothing to say that you have to dance the whole piece in unison. Marriage is a partnership where you support each other through life’s ups and downs, so why not start as you mean to go on by letting your other half take the spotlight for a few moves and then strut your own stuff, before finishing the dance in each other’s arms again.

6. Use props

If you are a little more confident with your dancing and want to inject some old-fashioned pizzazz, spice up your routine with a few props and you’ll really look like a pro. Simple touches include adding a touch of romance; start the routine with one partner sitting down and being asked to dance. Be cheeky, by hanging up a hat and coat each, before hitting your routine. Or you could progress your dance from tradition to flair, using classic props in the style of Fred Astaire & Ginger Rogers’ canes or just reference their style by changing these for something quirky, like hockey sticks or horse-riding crops, to reflect your passions.