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Choosing Choreography For Your Bridal Dance

Choosing Choreography For Your Bridal Dance

We’ve all seen the first wedding dance YouTube classics; whether the bride trips on her veil, the groom slips in his new shoes or some guests turn into a flash mob, it makes for a memorable moment. At Arthur Murray Crows Nest we can help ensure that your big dance as newlyweds is remembered for all the right reasons. From choosing the song and style of dance to suit you, to the choreography, we can create a routine as simple or as complex as you like to make your first dance extra special.

Song choice is critical as it speaks volumes about you as a married couple, as well as setting the style of the dance. It’s best to choose a song you know really well as it will help you learn the steps and keep rhythm. If you want your band to play a live version of your tune, ask for a recording to practice to, as it’s likely to be slightly different from the original.

The traditional option is a Waltz, and if this is your preferred style we can help you cover the whole dance floor so that everyone can catch a glimpse of this romantic first dance. We can teach you how to spot your turns so that you don’t take a tumble as you twirl, and include a few well-timed pauses to allow you to regain your composure and pose for the camera.

If you choose a sensual Rumba, the choreography can portray the journey of your relationship through the use of this style’s fluid shapes and beautiful lines. Many love songs are suited to this tender dance and poignant lyrics can add even more meaning to the movement.

If you want to emulate Fred Astaire & Ginger Rogers, we can design a stunning American Smooth to timeless big band music. By keeping the routine reasonably simple, you won’t have to worry about forgetting any steps and can focus instead on impressing the crowd with a stylish mixture of Quickstep, Foxtrot and Jazz elements.

We don’t suggest you get too cocky and use props unless you’re able to get lots of practice to be really comfortable with them. If you are able to master holding hats, canes or any other items however, it could inject additional personality into your routine.

For something a little different we can mash up the styles; perhaps starting with a traditionally slow love song, then launching into a jumping jive to your favourite rock ’n’ roll number. Whatever style you choose, we will construct a tender beginning, an interesting peak in the middle and a dazzling end to get the full wow factor.

If you want to retain the limelight for the whole dance, we can choreograph a shortened version of the song to keep your guests watching throughout; or if you would prefer to be joined on the dance floor, we can add some strategically-placed welcoming moves to encourage friends and family to find their feet.