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5 Tips For A Perfect Wedding Dance

5 Tips For A Perfect Wedding Dance

The vows have been made, the speeches given and the cake has been cut. The last official duty to perform on your big day before fully relaxing is to get through the first dance with confidence. With all eyes on you both as you take to the dance floor it will help your confidence if you follow these tips when preparing for your wedding dance.

1. Song selection

All planning for this moment begins with your song selection. Most couples will have a track that has a special meaning for them, but before you assume your favourite song is the right one, listen to it carefully. First of all you need to hear the lyrics all the way through. For example, Elvis Presley’s ‘You Were Always on My Mind’ certainly sounds intrinsically romantic, but it’s about a broken relationship. After lyrics, the melodies of your shortlisted song choices need checking for ‘dance-ability’. Are they too fast or too slow? Is there a gradual build up of tempo that can work for common dance styles? If songs are too long, can they be faded out? Or is a dramatic finish integral to the track? All of these factors and others need to be considered when choosing your wedding song and at Arthur Murray Crows Nest we can help you make the right decision.

2. Dance style

After song selection, comes dance style. This doesn’t just mean whether you prefer a traditional Waltz, jumping Jive or sexy Salsa, but whether you want a fully choreographed dance or prefer to just go with the flow. Whatever you decide, it’s a good idea to have a few dance lessons as a couple, so that you each feel more confident on your feet and can move comfortably working in tandem. Even if you don’t want to learn a complete routine, mastering a few key moves to blend into an otherwise spontaneous dance could make a big difference to your enjoyment and fun when it comes time to hit the floor for your wedding dance.

3. Audit your outfit

In a purely practical sense, brides need to take into account their outfit when planning their wedding dance. Voluminous and tight-fitting dresses each present different challenges for carefree dancing in comfort and with ease. And don’t forget about your wedding shoes, which will almost certainly be new – practice dancing in them during the weeks ahead of your wedding day, to help break them in. This way you’ll discover, in private, whether they are too slippery or too high for any ambitious dance moves you might be planning.

4. Picture perfect

Whether your dance is choreographed or relaxed and free-form, you’ll treasure photographs that capture the moment. Take time to discuss with your photographer how to best achieve quality wedding dance photos – if your routine includes a particular special feature, like a twirl, dip or lift, your photographer will need to be in the right place at the right time to snap your dance floor highlight. It’s even worth taking a practice run with them, to give an idea of what to expect where and when, during the song.

5. Practice, practice, practice

Whether you’ve chosen complex choreography or a straightforward romantic sway, it pays to practice with music, ahead of the big night. Make sure you are both familiar with the highs and lows of the song, that you know when to do your star turn, when to invite your guests to the floor, or that you’re comfortably prepared for the finale. With all this preparation under your belt, you’ll be able to relax and truly enjoy the first dance as a married couple with confidence and in style, when the moment finally arrives.