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4 Reasons To Take Bridal Dance Classes Before Your Wedding

4 Reasons To Take Bridal Dance Classes Before Your Wedding

Why not take dance classes before your wedding?

Your big day is fast approaching, and you have a never-ending stack of items to cross off your ‘To Do’ list. The stress is mounting, and you’re seriously considering running away with your fiance and eloping, consequences (disappointed relatives) be damned.

Step away from your passports and book some latin dancing classes instead.

This might feel as though you’re adding yet another item to your list, but it’s one decision you won’t regret.

Reduce stress and improve fitness

Dancing is one way to show love to both your body and mind. It’s been proven to lower cortisol levels (linked to stress), as well as improve muscle tone, coordination and heart health. Planning a wedding can be stressful – consuming most of your attention and leaving little time for anything else. This is a great way to have fun and get fit, while working towards a wedding-related goal (ie. capturing the look of awe on your guests’ faces when they see you sashay across the dance floor like a pro).

Strengthen your bond with your fiance

It can be difficult to remember why you even want to say ‘I do’, when you’re in the midst of yet another argument over seating arrangements. Taking classes together can remind you why you’re going through the motions of wedding-planning in the first place – to celebrate your love for each other. Latin dancing – which is characterised by touch and slow, sensual movements – boosts oxytocin levels (the love hormone), strengthening your connection and reminding you not to sweat the small stuff.

Feel confident while enjoying your first dance together

Unless you’re a bit of a show pony who thrives under the spotlight, chances are you’re going to feel nervous when all eyes are watching you on the dance floor. Taking classes will help you both feel more confident, so you can truly appreciate this beautiful moment.

Which style is best?

Our professional dance teachers can help you choreograph the perfect routine – whether you want to go for a romantic Waltz, incorporate some Tango or add a touch of funky Swing. We work with you to bring your unique style to life on the dance floor.

Feel free to visit the Arthur Murray Crows Nest Studio, meet our amazing staff and book yourself in for a complimentary private bridal lesson.