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The Benefits Of Ballroom Dance: Your Way To Better Health

The Benefits Of Ballroom Dance: Your Way To Better Health

Dancing is rarely seen as a sport by other athletes or sports participants, but the strength and agility required for the ballroom dancing mean that we don’t need to waste our breath arguing over whether or not it’s a sport because we know it is.

But unlike many other sports, dancing doesn’t necessarily feel like a work out because moving to music is also relaxing and you can’t help but smile every time you master a new step or move.

Need more convincing? Dancing is filled with these health benefits…

Improve your posture

Dance works your core muscles, which in turn improve your posture. Bad posture puts stress on your back, which in turn stresses the rest of your body and can lead to problems with digestion and breathing.

A good posture allows you to work more efficiently and help you power through a work day with less fatigue than your co-workers who are hunched over their desks.

Tone up

Have you ever watched Dancing With The Stars? Look at the celebrity dancers in the first episode and then at the end of the competition, especially those who aren’t already athletes – many of them will suddenly be sporting more toned arms and legs by the end of the competition. This isn’t because they’re lifting heavy weights before or after their dances, but because they’re moving and flexing their muscles through a mixture of aerobic and strength training. That’s right! Dance incorporates some strength training, which is just as important as aerobic exercise.

Feel lighter

People who dance often say that it makes them feel light – but they’re not talking about their weight necessarily. Instead, what they’re talking about is a lightness inside of them that comes from the joy of moving to music.

The simple act of dancing is a de-stresser, helping you unravel all your stresses from your work and personal life through the power of music. Because dance is your body telling a story, it’s possible to move through the different emotions you’re feeling and leave them all behind at the end of your session.

Get coordinated

Too many people believe that they’re too uncoordinated to dance, but that just isn’t true. Everyone has a sense of rhythm in them, some are just buried deeper than others and take a little longer to uncover.

Different people will progress through the levels of dancing at their own individual pace, but everyone who dances consistently will improve their coordination.

Build confidence

Dancing in front of others helps build confidence, but dancing with a partner does it even faster. Moving with different types of people and learning with them presents new opportunities to improve your comfort level and communication skills with others.

These skills are essential on the dance floor but even more crucial in life and what you take away from partnered dance will benefit you in all aspects of your life.

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