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How To Perfect Your Posture

How To Perfect Your Posture

Good posture in everyday life relives aches and pains in the body and helps you exude an aura of confidence and authority. However, on the dance floor it’s critical as it means that you’re in the right position for the next move and saves you stumbling or toppling over.

Come down to a free trial class at Arthur Murray Crows Nest and we can help you perfect the following elements of good posture so that you can dance like a pro.

Weighty question

The distribution of your weight is very important in maintaining good posture, but it can change with the style of dance. In general, you should stand so that you’re evenly balanced between both legs. Rather than rocking back on your heels as is common practice, dancers tend to lean forward slightly on the balls of their feet, so that they are ready for the next step. Swing styles are danced with an exaggerated tilt so that the heels hardly ever touch the floor and the body is bent forward, while the feet are more grounded in some of the latin styles giving an almost laid back impression.

Core concerns

No matter which dance style you prefer, you’ll only achieve good posture through having a strong core. Tucking your tailbone under, lifting your chest up and dropping your shoulders cannot be realised unless you have solid stomach muscles, so if you practice your posture and dance regularly, you will undoubtedly start seeing a trimmer waistline. By improving your core strength you’ll also protect the rest of your body as you’re less likely to use the wrong muscles in movement, which can often result in an injury.

Head and shoulders above the rest

Holding your head high is important to project an air of confidence – especially when you have none – and it’s also key to staying upright on the dance floor. As soon as you let your head drop to stare at your feet, you’re likely to overbalance and take a tumble. Keep your skull in line with your spine, eyes straight ahead, chin parallel to the floor and your neck elongated to make sure that you look the part and don’t lose your balance.

Stand up tall

Whether you’re average height, perfectly petite or tantalisingly tall, good posture will help you look in proportion and a few pounds lighter. Learn to love your frame through the power of dancing and you will appear self-assured; small folk can feel tall and taller people can prevent the inevitable stoop with good posture.

Perfect your posture

Just as with every new step that you learn, perfect posture takes practice. Don’t restrict your rehearsals to dance classes: make sure that you’re always mindful to hold your core upright, relax your shoulders, keep your weight evenly distributed and your head aligned, and soon it will become second nature. Not only will you be in the best position to get the right steps at your next class, but your body will thank you as you protect your muscles while completing routine chores.

Not only will perfect posture improve your dancing, but you will also gain a washboard stomach, relieve tension in your neck and shoulders, and hold yourself with an air of confidence.