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Make Friends Through Dance Group Classes & Social Dance!

Make Friends Through Dance Group Classes & Social Dance!

Moving cities or even across town can be daunting at any age, but as adults, we don’t have the benefit of being thrown head-first into the automatic friend maker they call school.

As an adult, we have to make an effort to make friends, but it can feel stilted and sometimes uncomfortable, almost like you’re forcing yourself on someone else if you don’t have something to bond over. That’s where dancing comes in…

Social dancing is a great way to make friends, not just in class but outside of the studio too. In class, it’s easy to make friends – you’ll be partnered with someone and you’ll get talking while you learn the steps. Hopefully, you’ll find other things in common and you may find yourself with a new friend or two who you can invite to post-dance drinks or dinner.

Many adult dance students cite the physical nature of dance and the support of fellow students in getting certain steps right as the reason that friendships are forged quickly.

There are also friendly competitions, dance meetup groups and even Salsa bars where you can increase your chances of finding a new friend or two through extending yourself on the dance floor. Most Studios host internal competitions or advertise others around your city that you can visit both as a spectator or entrant.

As a bonus, partnered dancing such as the Waltz or Tango are also said to improve your self-confidence through the practicing of new steps with a partner, and as your partner may be different every week, you’ll find ways to adapt and become comfortable with new people quickly.

But what about outside of the studio? How do you make friends if you’re not even at dance class or a dance meetup? Having a hobby like dancing gives you something to talk about to potential new friends at work or various social events, as people tend to gravitate towards others who have their own independent interests and hobbies.

The great thing about dance though, is that you don’t need to be new to town to want to expand yourself both on the dance floor and socially. Why not try a free trial class at Arthur Murray Crows Nest today and discover a whole new world of possibilities!