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What’s Not To Love About Sydney’s Social Dancing Scene?

What’s Not To Love About Sydney’s Social Dancing Scene?

You can hear the primal Bachata rhythm as you wait to get your ID checked. Your feet tap impatiently to the beat. Let me in. You’re itching to leave your self-consciousness at the door next to the burly security guard.

Everyone seems to have the same idea tonight. The line shortens after an eternity, as a number of sweaty bodies leave the club looking satisfied. Finally, it’s your turn.

The music beckons and your hips take on a life of their own as you enter the dimly lit room. You throw in a few shoulder shimmies for good measure and then it happens – a bold stranger catches your eye, sashays over and twirls you around with enough swagger to make Ricky Martin look like an amateur.

Oh, my.

Why did you wait so long to try this?

You feel as though you’ve been initiated into a secret world, as you discover the throbbing heartbeat of your city’s nightlife – where the essence of latin dancing comes alive.


Sounds good, doesn’t it?

Dancing is intertwined in our ancient history – pre-dating verbal communication and even cave art. It’s no wonder we’re drawn to this vital form of expression. Nothing compares to the contagious energy on a dance floor, when everyone is in their element – abandoning inhibitions and connecting with each other in such a raw way.

If you’ve never ventured into a club when latin dancing night is on, it could be fair to say you haven’t fully lived. Luckily there’s no shortage of clubs in Sydney hosting regular latin nights, if you want to commandeer some friends, or even go by yourself.

The Argyle

Rumba & Salsa Wednesdays
Every Wednesday night, from 8:30pm
18 Argyle St, The Rocks

Maloneys Hotel

Every Wednesday night
81 Goulburn St, Sydney

The Establishment

Every Tuesday night
252 George St, Sydney

The Port

Salsa Sundays
Harbourside Shopping Centre, 2 - 10 Darling Dr, Sydney

Refine your technique with dance classes

If you’re feeling self-conscious about your two left feet, please remember that most people enjoy social dancing for the sake of having fun, rather than showing off their technique. Part of the magic is to let go of your inhibitions and pretend that nobody’s watching.

But if you want to lift your game and master some impressive moves, why not take professional classes at Arthur Murray Crows Nest? The first lesson is free!

A few classes could be enough to get you onto the dance floor without the need for any liquid courage, or coaxing from friends! What’s not to love about that?