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Dance Away Alzheimer’s

Dance Away Alzheimer’s

There has always been research having to do with preventing Alzheimer’s. This disease effects the brain, memory, thinking, and behavioural functions, to name a few. It’s certainly something to try and avoid through keeping the brain active.

On-going research relating Alzheimer’s and ballroom dancing has continuously confirmed that this form of exercise and hobby is a deterrent for this disease.

How does this hobby do this, you may ask?

When we learn something new, in this case ballroom dancing, we use parts of our brain that sometimes we’re not used to using. We’re using the part of the brain that helps us remember certain things. Exercising the brain is just like exercising the body— the more you use it, the more healthy it will stay! If we keep using that brain to remember our techniques, steps, styles, and dances, we increase the chances that we will have a healthier brain for a much longer period of time.

Make sure you keep dancing, not only for the excellent physical benefits, but for the added mental effects as well. The brain should be treated as a muscle that needs to be worked out to stay in shape and what better way to do it then dance the night away!