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Why Do We Love to Dance?

Why Do We Love to Dance?

Do you remember the first day you stepped into the Studio? Like many, I’m sure you were feeling mixed emotions – anxiety, excitement, maybe even a little fear… All of those feelings are perfectly normal and developed into your love for that which we call ballroom and latin dancing! The great thing about dancing is that it makes us happy – and scientifically, let’s see how!

Whenever we do any form of exercise, in this case dancing, our body produces chemicals called ‘endorphins’. Endorphins make you happy! This is the same chemical, ironically enough, that’s released when we eat chocolate! That’s why we feel a sense of happiness during and shortly after eating our favourite sweets!

If you’ve ever had a workout in the gym, you notice that for a period after, you feel happy, relieved, excited, etc… This is the same effect that we receive when we dance!

In short, make sure you keep dancing hard to get the ‘happy’ effects!