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Keeping Cool On The Dance Floor

Keeping Cool On The Dance Floor

A little bit of sweat never hurt anyone.

Perspiring is your body’s clever way of cooling down, detoxifying and boosting endorphins. It’s also a pretty good sign that you’ve been dancing up a storm and having a good time. What’s not to like about that?

Having said this, you probably don’t want to be dripping buckets during an intense class or when you’re testing your moves on the dance floor while enjoying a night out with friends. And you definitely want to stay as dry as possible, if you’re competing at an event and all eyes are glued to you.

You shouldn’t feel bad if you sweat during latin dancing, it comes with the territory and fits with the primal mood. All the same, there’s no need to look as though you got caught in a downpour of torrential rain if you can avoid it.

Luckily there are ways to stay cool and keep sweat to a minimum, especially when the mercury rises during searing Australian summers.

How to stay cool on the dance floor


Take a bottle with you and make sure you drink water between dances. It’s also a good idea to snack on fruit and vegetables before class, rather than high-fat and protein-heavy meals (which tend to lift your body temperature as your body digests them).

Suitable clothing

Cotton hold moisture for longer, so breathable and light synthetics (such as polyester) tend to be a better choice since they dry faster. You can pack a few extra shirts with you, for when the one you’re wearing gets a bit ripe.

Wearing a t-shirt under a dressier shirt can also help to absorb most of the moisture, so it won’t show on your dress shirt. A guayabera is a good choice for an outer-shirt since its loose fit keeps your body cooler, and the undershirt contains most of the sweat. They’re mostly advertised for men, but women can wear them too.

Women who sweat a lot should steer clear of tops that expose their back (unless you don’t mind seeing your partner cringe when their hand makes contact with your drenched skin). Blouses and dresses that cover your back are a good option.

Tie your hair up

Don’t forget that hair retains heat, so wearing it off your neck and face will help you feel cooler.

Take a towel

Keep a small towel handy so you can pat yourself dry between songs. You can even make a quick dash to the bathroom and wash your face if you need to. Some dancers like to use a sport chamois to dry off, since this is reusable, lightweight and dries quickly.

Wear a strong anti-perspirant

Wearing an anti-perspirant can keep sweat and odour at bay. If you don’t feel comfortable with wearing chemical deodorants, you can clean under your arms with wipes during your bathroom break. Showering a few hours before your class can also help to keep you fresh for longer.

Some people have a medical condition that causes excessive sweating (hyperhidrosis). If you suspect this is you, it’s a good idea to see a doctor, because there are treatments available.

Never let your sweating stop you from dancing…

If you’ve tried everything, but still sweat too much, don’t sweat it! Although perspiring isn’t pleasant, it’s not the end of the world either. Chances are you won’t be the only one sweating and you’ll be too caught in the moment to notice anyway.

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