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Rediscover Intimacy Through Dance With Your Partner

Rediscover Intimacy Through Dance With Your Partner

We hear time and time again about different ways to reconnect with your partner through intimacy, and while many of them are great, sometimes they’re a bit too forward for some couples to jump onto straight away. What they need is almost like a bridging course to more traditional relationship rekindling tactics… and dance is the perfect bridging course in our opinion.

The great thing about dance is that, due to the wide range of styles available, it can be as intimate or platonic as you need it to be. There’s no need to jump straight into the sensual world of latin and Salsa dancing if you’re not ready when you can reconnect with your partner through a more casual, fun style of dance such as Swing.

Swing dancing is fun, high energy and is popular among platonic friends and those without permanent dancing partners, as there’s no need to get any more intimate that hand-holding while your partner swings you around the room to classic 1950s jazz and pop tunes.

If you’re looking for something a little more intimate, that isn’t too racy, why not consider the Waltz or Foxtrot? These partner dances are a little slower, a little closer and a little more sensual than Swing, without the hip movements of the Tango or Cha Cha that may intimidate some.

Of course, it doesn’t matter what style of dance you choose, as all styles have the ability to help rekindle romance, or even just increased intimacy with your partner. There are several reasons for this. The first is the increased endorphins that exercise creates, which can improve mental health and overall happiness. The happier you and your partner are, the easier you may find communicating your needs. You may even find yourself in a fit of giggles when one trips up over a dance step and while we don’t need to say it, we will: laughter really is the best medicine.

You’ll also find that having something in common, such as a weekly dance class, can help you enjoy your time together better, as you put any troubles aside for an hour or so to engage in something that is purely for the enjoyment of both dance and each other’s company. We believe dance is so enjoyable, you’ll be wishing you’d picked it up years earlier.

Finally, there are studies that suggest dance can improve your confidence and it’s often confidence that’s lacking in one or both halves of a relationship that can cause its breakdown.

So if you’re looking for a way to recreate those early days of intense passion, or just find something that you can do together, as a couple, why not consider joining us at Arthur Murray Crows Nest? Your first lesson is free, so really – you have nothing to lose!