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New Years Resolution To Dance

New Years Resolution To Dance

Every year, most of us make New Year’s Resolutions. But come mid-January, or late-February if you’re lucky, most of those promises we made to ourselves as the clock struck 12 and Sydney Harbour lit up in a thousand bright lights, have long fallen at the wayside.

Keeping promises to yourself is hard, no-one is disputing that. But there are ways to mitigate the likelihood of giving up or forgetting your goals when life begins to get busy again.

Find something you love

This one seems like a no-brainer, yet so many people feel the only way to reach their fitness goals is to sign-up for the gym and, let’s be honest, the gym absolutely isn’t for everyone. But just because you despise the idea of spending an hour on a treadmill (so do we!), it doesn’t mean sport or exercise isn’t for you. If you love going out for a boogie at a nightclub or find yourself shaking your tail feather when your favourite tune comes on the radio, you’re likely going to enjoy exercise a lot more if it involves moving your body to music… because it just doesn’t feel like exercise!

Book it in advance

One of the great things about dance classes, is that they’re exactly that: classes. And classes have a set time and date attached to them each week. Unlike an open-ended gym membership where you can go anytime and often find yourself putting it off, you pay up front for a dance class that’s scheduled in your diary in advance. This in itself can be a great motivator, as you know in advance that you’re committed to the class and will schedule your life around it. Look, you’ve just made time for regular exercise! That’s a massive step in the right direction.

Bring a friend

If you need a greater motivator than ‘I’ve paid for it so I need to get my money’s worth’, then sign-up for a class with a friend. Partner dancing doesn’t require a friend (we can match you up with another single!), but having someone who is relying on you to show up and play your part means that if you cancel, you let the team down. You’re also more likely to enjoy exercise if you have someone there as a personal motivator, as well as someone to laugh with when you inevitably do something silly like trip over your own two feet.

Find a motivator

It can be hard to keep going when you hit a wall, so having something to help you push through that plateau is vital. For some people, it’s as simple as following someone on Instagram or YouTube who’s the kind of dancer you’d like to be, for others it might be buying a special dance outfit that you can wear to an amateur competition because your personal goal is to compete one day for the thrill of it.

Find the right motivator to help you reach your fitness goal and it will no longer feel like a burden, but something to look forward to each week!