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Bolero Dance Classes

The romantic Bolero is the slowest of the latin dances & combines controlled movement with dramatic expression of the music.

Bolero history

The Bolero has the same Afro-Cuban roots as the Rumba and is thought to have originated from Cuban or Spanish folk dances such as the Danzon and Beguine.

Bolero music

The Bolero is usually played in 4/4 time and its tempo is slower that that of the Rumba. While Rumba music is very rhythmical, the lyrical Bolero sounds more like a latin ballad.

Bolero characteristics

The Bolero has some different characteristics from its Cuban relative the Rumba. Its long sweeping side steps and use of rise and fall create a softness that makes this dance unique among the rhythm dances. The expanding and contracting dance position makes a very dramatic and romantic statement.