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Dancing Is Good For Your Heart

Dancing Is Good For Your Heart

Because it keeps you active and helps you forget your worries in life, dancing is the perfect activity for a healthy heart. Whatever style takes your fancy, get those toes tapping and your heart will reap the rewards!

Step away from stress

As you Cha Cha your cares away, you will reduce the tension in your body. Consistently high stress levels have a detrimental impact on your long-term health, not least by putting strain on your heart. It’s important to manage the stress and pressure you feel every day by finding a reliable way to forget all of your worries. Focussing on your footwork means you won’t have time to think of anything else! This simple release can provide a myriad of benefits, as it lowers your blood pressure and significantly decreases your risk of heart disease.

Lose weight

Whether you whirl around the floor in a Waltz or sashay sexily through a Salsa, all that activity will help you lose weight and tone up. Regular exercise is recommended to maintain a healthy heart, and dancing is one of the most fun ways to keep fit. Without excess weight to battle, your heart can do its job much more easily, pumping blood around your system so that you’re always ready to rock’n’roll.

Tone up your ticker

Dancing your way to fitness tones up all your muscles, so you will look great and feel better. Your heart is a muscle too, so putting it through its paces is the perfect training. Obviously the quicker the dance, the more you raise your heart rate. So if you’re looking for a serious cardio workout, try something fast and furious like the Lindy Hop or Viennese Waltz.

Lower your regular heart rate

Regular exercise improves your stamina and the body’s ability to recover, and it has the same effect on your heart. As it gets fitter, your normal heart rate will get lower, reducing your chances of a heart attack. Fast-paced dances will get your heart racing, but you need something you can sustain, so give the Foxtrot a go if you like ballroom or the Merengue if you’re more of a latin lover!

Remember to look after your heart for a happy, healthy life – start dancing today!