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Dancer’s Horoscope: Virgo

Dancer’s Horoscope: Virgo


This is a time for making long-range plans, seeing the big picture, and thinking about what’s really important to you in the long run. The trivial details and business of day-to-day living does not dominate your attention now. Reading books or articles of an inspirational nature or on subjects of personal growth and development is very fruitful at the moment. This is also an excellent time for business functions, negotiations, and communicating with the world at large.

The Arthur Murray take

It’s time to start setting goals in the Studio! And what better time than now! Set a goal for yourself, whether it be to improve your dancing or get out in front of the crowd and put yourself out there. It will improve your dancing and your confidence.

Watch videos of ballroom dancing to inspire yourself to do better and to learn as much as you can! We, your teachers, want the best for you and we want to see you shine!