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Dancers Horoscope: Aries

Dancers Horoscope: Aries


While it’s the end of the solar year for you (until March 20th), dear Aries, and this generally signals a period in which you are in the relative backwoods and possibly dealing with endings in your life, there is nevertheless much to be excited about in March. Uranus gets you all riled up and itching to make radical changes. You’re building and strengthening your courage. The 10th is strong for romance and friendship. You can charm the birds out of the trees on the 16 - 17th, and you’ll be filled with wonderful (and possibly marketable) ideas. The 21st brings the gumption to jump-start the changes you’ve only been dreaming about. Life is certainly looking up!

The Arthur Murray take

It’s time to look at new beginnings in your dancing! Start planning ahead. If you’re in General Variety, start getting excited for Bronze… If you’re in Associate Bronze, look forward to Full Bronze and so an and so forth! The fact that you’re learning here and improving your dancing is making your confidence soar. For every lesson, every group, and every social, you’re improving on some level! Maybe it’s time to take it to the next level… Get out there and dance!