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Dancer Horoscope: Cancer

Dancer Horoscope: Cancer


An exciting, vibrant energy is coming into your world this month — look for new people (or a new version of one of your current friends) to inject your life with a new level of risk. They have been taking big gambles lately — and it’s been paying off big-time. If this success serves as an inspiration to you, start taking a few risks yourself and see what happens. Put yourself out there and work the odds — you can be more daring and still be realistic!

The Arthur Murray take

Look around you in the Studio. Look at your friends and acquaintances getting ready for things like routines, DOR, etc… They’re taking big risks in putting themselves out there — maybe for the first time! Maybe it’s time for you to take a risk and put yourself out there too! Talk to your instructors about these events such as Showcase and DOR.

Maybe it’s time you took your dancing to a whole new level and showed people just what you’re made of!