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Why Dancing Lessons Are Great For Couples

Why Dancing Lessons Are Great For Couples

Learning to dance not only gets you fit and keeps your mind active, but it can also help rekindle a fading passion between a couple by nurturing a closer relationship. At Arthur Murray Crows Nest, we can help you and your partner improve your connection through body language communication that builds trust and intimacy.

Role reversal

Ladies are often more comfortable with dancing while the menfolk feel out of their depth, so it’s a good opportunity to reverse the traditional roles; the woman can guide her man as he navigates his way through the basic steps. This shift in power can do wonders for the relationship overall as you break away from stereotypical views and see each other as equals. Although a man is then deemed to ‘lead’ the dance, it’s all about partnership. With our help, you’ll soon be working better as a team again.

Shared experience

You may both stumble and struggle with the steps in your first few lessons, but laughing together – rather than at each other – is a great way to bond because sharing vulnerabilities increases levels of mutual trust. The only way to improve is to practice, practice, practice, so by simply rehearsing a few steps whenever you’re together you will build on reciprocal confidence and support.

Body language

The beauty of dance is the expression of non-verbal communication. Couples who dance together learn to read their partner’s every move, both on and off the dance floor. Although the man leads, dancing is a partnership which requires excellent communication from both parties alongside good etiquette to be a success. Whether it’s staring deep into each other’s eyes, feeling the electricity between your fingers or noticing the slightest muscle movement, you will soon be able to read each other perfectly to anticipate the next step.

Romance and passion

Ballroom dancing conjures images of a time gone by, whether it’s the 19th century high-society events or the sublime partnership of Astaire & Rogers. Put some romance back in your relationship with the tenderness and proximity of the formal hold or the fancy footwork of the FoxtrotLatin dances, on the other hand, offer passionate role-play and allow you to unleash your sexy, saucy or sassy side. Add drama and flair to your lives with the romantic Rumba, tempestuous Tango or cheeky Cha Cha and the sexual tension might leave you more than a little hot under the collar.

Have fun

Dancing offers a great form of activity which not only keeps you fit, but also relieves the stress of the daily grind and injects some frivolous fun if your routine has become humdrum. Couples who are able to laugh together as friends are far more likely to overcome other obstacles thrown at them in life, so dust off your dancing shoes and step into a better relationship.