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Pick Up Good Habits Now!

Pick Up Good Habits Now!

You all have the chance to develop some really good habits right from the start. Group classes are the key to successful… well… success in your dancing!

In the beginning, you hear us say ‘these things will soon become muscle memory…’ However, you also hear us recommend (strongly) at least 1 group class to every private lesson. After your first dance program, these become unlimited for you. You should take advantage of them! You’ll pick up steps, patterns & techniques much faster if you supplement your private lessons with group classes.

We want all of our students to feel like they’re progressing and we also love seeing you guys! So next time you’re in the Studio, check out the group schedule, there are plenty to choose from. Try and schedule a group class around a private lesson or make a date night (if you’re a couple) and grab some dinner before or afterward.

No matter what level you are, there’s always room for more group classes. This way you know you’re learning on a consistent basis.