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Live Dance: The Ultimate Inspiration For Any Dance Student

Live Dance: The Ultimate Inspiration For Any Dance Student

If you remember the Friends episode ‘The One with the Fake Monica’, you’ll know the phrase, ‘You don’t observe a dance class, you dance a dance class!’ That passion is true of any form of dance, but contrary to the tyrant teacher’s statement in the sitcom, you can always be inspired through watching dance shows.

Why see live dance?

You may love one of the classic dance movies, such as Dirty Dancing or Strictly Ballroom, or be addicted to the reality TV shows Dancing with the Stars or So You Think You Can Dance, but nothing beats the thrill of a live dance performance. You want to be able to feel the beat of the music vibrating in your bones, hear the panting of the dancer’s breath, see the sweat glisten on their body – that’s when you know how hard they’re working and you can appreciate the beauty and drama of the art.

What shows?

Any form of live dance should be exciting enough to inspire you, whether that’s watching professionals in a ballroom competition, admiring the chorus in a musical, seeing a dance troupe in a street act or even witnessing a flash mob.

Whatever show you see, look for the universal focus of attention, as well as the individual stylising, because no two people will move the same regardless of identical choreography. Spot the differences in the performance, and use it to find your own interpretation of the moves when you dance.

Where to go?

Sydney has more opportunities to watch live dance than there are days of the week, no matter what your budget. Whether you want to see the variety of dance troupes performing regularly at the Sydney Theatre and Seymour Centre, or prefer something a little more surreal with the Bollywood Authentic Indian Dance Sydney Harbour Cruise, there’s something for everyone.

You dance a dance class

Once you’re inspired, take that passion into the classroom – at Arthur Murray Crows Nest our dance instructors feel it too and will help you translate your enthusiasm into interpreting the set steps to carve your own niche as a dancer.