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Is Dancing A Hobby, A Sport, Fitness Trend, Social Activity, Skill, Or All Five?

Is Dancing A Hobby, A Sport, Fitness Trend, Social Activity, Skill, Or All Five?

Part of the appeal of dancing is that it keeps you fit and healthy without a need for lycra or a treadmill. It also helps you socialise and make new friends without awkward ice-breakers. Dancing fine tunes the mind and co-ordination, without being geeky and it provides an outlet for your competitive side.

So how does dance effortlessly bridge all of these genres?

Is it a hobby?

If you think of a hobby as an activity done regularly during your spare time for pleasure, then dance definitely fits the bill. It’s an enjoyable pastime in which you can indulge whenever you’re not busy, it relaxes you and helps you let your hair down.

Is dancing a sport?

Sport is an activity involving physical exertion and skill, with an individual or team competing against others for entertainment. In all senses of this definition, yes – dance can be considered a sport. Whatever dance style you prefer, it’s a fantastic workout which will have you perspiring from the effort, both physical and mental. While sometimes you need a lot of stamina to complete a routine, such as the high-energy Swing, less frenetic styles, such as the Cuban motion of the Rumba can still happily exhaust your body through concentration over their complexity. Just like sport, you can train to perfect individual dance moves between classes or events on your own, with a partner or in a group. Just like sport of course, there are competitive circuits at every level of dancing if you want to get serious.

Is it a fitness trend?

We often hear of new fitness trends to get you fit for summer, but what they’re usually about is a new twist on a tried-and-tested activity that’s back in fashion. Dance, in one form or another, has been around since the dawn of time, and is a proven way of keeping fit and socialising. The styles may change over time, from the 18th Century Waltz, through to the Swing and Foxtrot of the 1930s, to the modern latin styles of the Cha Cha and Salsa, but their impact on fitness and health remain the same.

Is dance a social activity?

Whether you learn a few basic moves to try out with confidence at your favourite nightclub or perfect a whole routine to get a celebration party started, dancing is a learned way of behaving at social gatherings. Taking dance classes will help you feel more comfortable at a wide range of social events.

Is it a skill?

At first you need to learn the basic steps, but as you practice and master your footwork, you’ll also add arm, head and body movements and creative expression to suit your chosen dance style. The mental focus required to dance well is the same as in learning any skilled activity and it takes hours of practice and dedication to dance like an expert.

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