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Dance To Get A Beach Body

Dance To Get A Beach Body

The Summer is a time for shorts and t-shirts, but self-consciousness about all the wobbly bits means we tend to wear more than is sensible in the heat. For a fun, sociable way to get fit and tone up your body ready for the beach, why not try a free dance class at Arthur Murray Crows Nest.

Total body workout

One of the most effective ways to getting fit fast is to use your whole body. Rather than isolating each section in a traditional gym routine – stomach crunches, a series of squats and then time on the treadmill – you can achieve the same fantastic result by working everything together. Dancing requires strength throughout and you will feel the burn all over, but you’ll also benefit from a cardio workout as well as building up your muscles during a session. Whether you choose slower ballroom styles or a fast-paced latin dance, you’ll be working up a sweat and getting your heart pumping which helps to shed the extra kilos. Salsa is one of the most vigorous styles and experts say it can burn as many calories as running, without having the damaging effects of such a high-impact exercise.

Perfect posture

Ballroom dances require absolute ab control to maintain a good hold position and by default these styles help to create a strong six-pack. Whatever the dance you choose though, every step you take requires balance and control and will give you a strong core. As you work hard to perfect every move, you will naturally work towards a flat stomach without having to perform tedious sit-ups.

Hug-gable hips

Mastering the Cuban Motion required in most latin styles will give you a better hip workout than any legs, bums and tums class and will swiftly slim your figure. Regular practice will not only enable you to shake your booty on the dance floor, but will also give your hips a svelte silhouette.

Toned thighs

Dancing is particularly good for defining the leg muscles and all styles will tone up the calves and thighs. Swing based styles, such as Lindy Hop, Charleston or Jive, are performed on bent legs with the weight forward on the balls of the feet, so this position requires great strength throughout the leg to keep good balance and really works the gluts to define the derriere.

Amazing arms

Once you master the footwork, by adding in arm movements you’ll increase the cardio effect of the workout and make your heart pump faster. Maintaining the hold of a ballroom style will strengthen your shoulders and back, while the more dramatic flourishes of any of the latin dances will tone the arms and reduce unsightly bingo wings.

With regular dance classes and practice, both in clubs and around the home, you will be fitter, healthier and stronger, and feel more confident about flaunting your figure as the sun continues to shine. Come along to a free trial lesson to find a style to suit you and make the most of the Summer.