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A Gentleman Should Take Care Of… Never Take Advantage Of…

A Gentleman Should Take Care Of… Never Take Advantage Of…

As gentleman, you have a certain job to fulfil on the dance floor – to guide the lady. We’re here to take care of the lady so that she’s free to dance to her full potential. We, as gentleman, are the frame and the lady is the picture. Here are some basic etiquette rules to follow when dancing with your partner to ensure everyone has a good time.

First, and foremost, we always want to make sure that lady is comfortable dancing… So never try to dance her through things you don’t think she knows. Sometimes this is ok, but don’t use your knowledge to show-off in the wrong way. If you go overboard with fancy steps, you may deter the lady from dancing with you in the future.

The second, under no circumstances should you EVER dance an advanced dance with them if you haven’t before or if you know for a fact that they don’t know that dance. For example, Viennese Waltz. A dance like this is dangerous for both the lady and gentleman if they’re not used to dancing it with each other, or dancing it in general. Be smart in choosing your partner for a fast Viennese Waltz. And, likewise, if
you don’t know the dance, don’t attempt it without consulting your teacher.

The third & final rule: Never let the lady sit out! Remember traditionally, it’s up to the man to invite the lady onto the dance floor. So make sure you ask everyone to dance! (But ladies, in these modern times, you can ask a gentlemen to dance as well!)

So there you have it, a few basic etiquette rules to keep everyone enjoying their time on the dance floor. Use your skills wisely and everyone will have fun!