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Emotional Benefits Of Dancing

Emotional Benefits Of Dancing

Update: If you’re expecting a child, check out our post about the health benefits of dancing (latin) for pregnant women. Proof that healthy women in the mood for a workout shouldn’t let their growing bellies stop them!

Dancing is something that almost everyone enjoys, from professional elite dancers through to small children moving to the beat of music without any need for instruction; it’s something our bodies love to do because it makes us feel good.

It warms up our bodies and gives us an endorphin boost, while also helping us feel more connected to the people we’re dancing with. It can also improve our brain function, by helping us train our brains against dizziness and improve our memories.

So how does it manage to do this and does this mean we should definitely be making more time for dance in our lives?

Dancing can eliminate depression

While any exercise is good for your mental health, it’s dancing that was found by the New England Journal of Medicine to have the greatest effect on reducing feelings of depression. It didn’t seem to matter too much what style of dance the participants opted for, with any movement to music showing mental health improvements and overall higher levels of happiness.

Dancers have a sharper mind

It seems to be that due to the multi-tasking required by dancers constantly, that they develop sharper minds and better memories. If you’ve found yours lagging recently, or want to keep your brain fit and healthy, consider picking up a style of dance that requires you to memorise a routine – you’ll find your mind gets sharper in no time!

Dance reduces stress

Ever seen a child bop along to their favourite song or an elderly couple swaying gently to an old tune? The look of pure joy in their expression is palpable and often something onlookers wistfully wish they were feeling. The best part is that they can feel this way, if they also start moving to the music. Pick your favourite song and start moving in a way that makes you feel good – twirls, twerks, hip circles, kicks, they’re all valid forms of movement to music and will improve your feelings of relaxation at the end of the dance.

Dancing can help you connect with others

A big part of the human experience is connecting and bonding with others and dancing is a great way to make this happen. While dancing alone in your bedroom is great fun, dancing at a bar, club or in a studio is ten times as fun, especially when done with like-minded people or friends. You’ll find yourself bouncing off one another and coming up with fun little moves and tricks as you go along, not to mention the laughter that will come when someone inevitably does something silly! Make new friends or reinforce connections with old ones by dancing.