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Dancing Is Good For Weight Loss

Dancing Is Good For Weight Loss

Dancers have naturally lean physiques – not because they watch what they eat, but because they’re so active and burn hundreds of calories with each practice session. If you want to lose weight while having fun, come down to a dance class at Arthur Murray Crows Nest and see your body transform as you enjoy yourself learning a new skill.

Open to everyone

It can be embarrassing going into a gym if you don’t already have the perfect body, but our dance sessions are categorised by ability, so will be made up of all shapes and sizes. There is also no age limit, so whether you’re a teenager or a pensioner you’ll feel right at home with us. Whatever your age and level of fitness, as you learn a new skill you will undoubtedly start shedding a few kilos.

Improve to lose

At first, the steps might seem complex and require a lot of concentration to master at just a walking pace, but as you improve you’ll start to pick up speed. No matter the level of fitness with which you start a dance class, your weight loss and stamina will grow in line with your ability: the fitter you are, the faster you’ll be able to move, but you will continue to burn a similar level of calories.

No need for speed

You might think you need to be dancing a fast style such as latin or Swing for weight loss, but holding the posture of a ballroom dance can be just as strenuous as the fast kicks and flicks, and therefore burn as many calories. No matter which style of dancing you choose you’ll be burning calories and losing weight.

Target zones

Regular exercise is recommended to maintain a healthy heart, but boring gym work tends to isolate different parts of the body in rotation – by contrast, dancing is one of the most fun ways to keep your whole body fit from head to toe. Not only will you lose weight overall, but if you want to target and tone specific areas, you could try the fast-paced, low-set Swing-based dances for strong legs and rock-hard glutes, master the Cuban Motion found in latin styles for svelte hips, or maintain the perfect posture of ballroom dances to develop a strong core and killer abs.

Ham it up

As you master the steps, you can increase the number of calories you burn each time by adding in extra flourishes and arm movements. Not only will ‘armography’ make your heart pump faster as your body works harder, but it will also tone those dreaded bingo wings and define your shoulders and back muscles.

So if you want to shed a few unwanted kilos and want to have fun in the process, then head over to Arthur Murray Crows Nest to get the dancing bug. As well as getting fit and losing weight, you’ll meet new friends, learn a new skill and have a great time.