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Dancing Is Good For Overall Health

Dancing Is Good For Overall Health

Dancing is so good for the whole body, not to mention the soul, it really is the best form of exercise from head to toe. If you don’t believe us, have a read of all the following health benefits, before we even consider how much fun you can have dancing!

Fighting fit

Taking a regular dance class will provide a cardio workout as you traverse the dance floor getting to grips with the various step combinations. At first, simply mastering some of the basic moves will get the blood pumping around the body, then as your stamina improves, so will your ability: with every increase in complexity of footwork, you will be simultaneously asking your heart to work harder and thus developing your cardio capacity.

Lean & mean

As well as giving your heart a great workout, dancing is also a gentle way of toning the muscles in your body, without putting them under the heavy strain of weights. Many office workers aren’t used to spending a lot of time on their feet, let alone moving constantly from one leg to another, jumping and kicking. The waist, back and arms aren’t ignored either as they are taught while holding the upper body in the correct position, particularly in the ballroom styles.

Strong as an ox

It’s not just about the visible benefits as dancing also actively improves your internal strength. Weight-bearing exercise strengthens bone, and high-impact workouts create bone mass through repeated positive stress. The small amount of damage caused by the muscles pulling on the skeleton during activity stimulates bone development to repair the injured sections; the new bone which is created is then stronger than the existing bone, giving you a better frame for the future. A dance class is packed with positive stress from the constant movement of your body, as well as through every bend, kick and jump.

Sharp as a tack

Your memory and cognitive ability will also improve by attending a dance class – not only are you ensuring more oxygen gets to your brain, but you’re also putting it through its paces with complex conundrums. Every new sequence of steps you embark on will be complicated at first, and as your neural pathways rewire to cope with mastering the fancy footwork, so they make new connections and sharpen your problem-solving skills. Regular challenges while you learn each style will keep your mind as active as your body and help you stave off old-age forgetfulness.

Footloose & fancy free

Finally, dancing also helps to improve your overall mood and lower stress levels, both of which relieve physical pressure on your body and maintain good mental health, leaving you happy and healthy to tackle whatever life presents.

So, if it’s all round health and well-being you’re after, come down to Arthur Murray Crows Nest for a free trial dance class and see for yourself how you can get fit while having the best time ever.