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A Dance A Day Keeps The Doctor Away

A Dance A Day Keeps The Doctor Away

A fitness routine can be a bore, especially if you’re feeling tired or down. It’s important to keep trim and strong, but going to the gym or jogging round the block can take a lot of willpower.

But keeping fit doesn’t have to be hard work. It can be fun and relaxing, especially if it involves jigging to music. Here’s a whirl of ways to dance through the day until you’re glowing with fitness — and enjoyment, too!

Dance round the housework

Jig along to music between routine chores such as cleaning and tidying. Your swings and swirls will provide welcome breaks from the work, as well as get your heart and lungs working. In your leisure time, follow a dance routine on video, or make up your own steps to your own music. Swing to the tick of the clock or a tune in your head as you await the kettle, microwave or toaster. The kitchen work surface will make a handy support bar to aid your bends and stretches.

Ready to try an arabesque? Some beautiful ballet music will help. An online search for serene tunes will provide ample choice, but if in doubt, you could opt for Saint Saens’ uplifting piece, ‘The Swan’.

Dance with your partner

For double fun, coax your partner to step to the beat with you. Foxtrot through the rooms together and Waltz down the hallway. Push the furniture against the walls and dance a Tango across your living-room.

Dance with the kids

Children always have energy to burn off. Your youngsters will love to bop and jive with you, especially to their favourite songs. Teach them the steps you know, and they’ll teach you theirs.

Dance at parties

Dance with friends, whenever the opportunity arises. If you’re at a gathering and there’s talk of dancing, be the first person out on the dance floor. You won’t be alone for long.

Dance with a group

Join a local dance group and make new friends as you twist and twirl. There are many different types of dance, from fast to slow, and from traditional to modern, as well as different styles from around the world, so take care to choose a group to suit your tastes. You might like to check out the range in your area before making your choice. Go along for a trial session before signing up, to make sure it’s the right sort for you. You’ll want to taste the atmosphere too.

Dance for a certificate

You’ll probably find that once you start dancing, you can’t stop. You may wish to pursue the activity seriously and take formal tuition. The discipline of classical ballet classes, for instance, appeals to many late starters. Check out the range of dancing lessons available in your area and go for a style that thrills you, irrespective of its challenges. If you’re inspired, you’ll cope.

Dance on the stage

If you join a dance group, you may soon find yourself performing in a show for the local community. But don’t panic – the event will probably be local and low-key. It will also be tremendous fun. Besides, the show will bring pleasure to your audience, perhaps inspiring some admirers to follow suit.

It’s no wonder that dancing is an ancient ritual. It’s a natural way to express ideas and emotions and to celebrate life. With all your glides and spins, your body will acquire new poise and nimbleness. As for fitness, just look in the mirror!

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