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Don’t have a partner? No worries! We’ll pair you up with one of our talented and friendly Arthur Murray Crows Nest instructors, so you’ll be learning with an experienced dancer right from the very beginning.

Learn to dance with the best 

Already experienced dancers, all of our teachers must go through a rigorous training program ensuring they’re amongst the best in the business. Our teachers are always continually learning and improving their technique, often coming in early before the Studio opens to practice on their own time and prepare for your lessons.

Dance your way healthy

Keeping fit doesn’t have to be boring! Dancing is a whole-body workout making you stronger, improving your core and giving you better balance and co-ordination. A 30-minute dance class burns between 130 & 250 calories – and it doesn’t even feel like exercise!

But, dancing isn’t just good for the body – it’s good for the mind too. Recent research has shown dancing has anti-aging benefits for the brain! What better way to stay in shape physically and mentally for years to come.

Make new friends

By going to lessons, groups and social events, you’ll have the opportunity to meet new people and make friends in an inclusive and relaxed atmosphere. We have a social night every second Friday, all year round, so you can practice everything you’ve been learning, dance with new people, different instructors and get to know the Arthur Murray Crows Nest community.

Take your first step on us

Book your first private lesson for free! There’s no pressure or sales tactics – just come in, meet the teachers, check out the Studio and see if Arthur Murray Crows Nest is the right fit for you. 

Beginner Dance Lessons

Beginner Dance Lessons

Dances We Teach

Dances We Teach

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