Learning to dance is for everyone. It doesn’t matter what your skill level or age is, dancing is fun, it’s social, it’s great exercise and it increases self-confidence. In fact, for most of our students, dancing becomes one of their biggest passions.

When most of our students first walk through our doors and talk about taking dancing lessons, they normally think of two main ways of having them - either privately or through group classes. When you finally do start, you find out there's a whole lot more on offer and available to you than you originally thought.

From the private lessons to the parties, from the groups to the balls, everything we have at Arthur Murray Crows Nest is all designed and geared towards getting you to looking and feeling your best on the dance floor.

Our unique method of instruction focusses on what we classify as a 'unit of instruction', which includes one private lesson, one group and one party, which ties everything you learn together.

Private Lessons

Our key to success is our dance programs and what better way to learn than through our private one-on-one lessons.

Your private lessons are just that… private! They are a one-on-one lesson with your teacher held communally on the main dance floor alongside other students having their own private lessons. This way you'll experience what it's like to dance socially, with other bodies moving constantly around you. You’ll learn at your pace and you’ll learn the skills and techniques of dancing as an individual or as a couple. These lessons are booked with your instructor at times that suit you throughout the week.

One of our students moving up a level!

One of our students moving up a level!

These lessons can achieve the basics or can be specifically designed to teach you social dancing skills, preparing for solos routines or freestyle competitions.

We all learn in different ways and our teachers are trained to specifically target the best way to teach you to make it fun and simple.

Group Classes

People can have misconceptions about groups. Whether you've tried some before where there were 30 people all fumbling to see the instructor and trying to learn a complex combination of steps, or you didn't know whether to go to the beginners or advanced group and were left feeling out of your depth or possibly just bored.

Firstly, our groups are held according to your level, and since we have over six different levels, there's a group specifically for you during the week! With so many groups on offer, it also means they're more intimate than a 'stereotypical' class, usually with around six to ten students per group.

Focusing on only one to two dances each group, they're not confusing or over taught. They're there to back-up what you may have already learnt on your private lessons and their main focus is to get you used to dancing with other students, as opposed to your teacher. Arthur Murray is geared towards social dancing, so learning to dance, to lead and to follow with anyone, is a fundamental part of your learning experience.

Party Nights

Held every fortnight, our two-hour practice party nights are there to give you the opportunity to break away from your structured learning and to get out there on the floor with different music, different people and dance the night away in a strictly social scene. Dance with different instructors, different students and basically just have fun!

Studio Party Latin Night

Studio Party Latin Night

Match Competitions

Don't let the name throw you off or scare you. Remember, we're all about social dancing! Match comps can be an invaluable way of getting you to 'feel' good when you're out dancing socially. Held monthly, and in the same format as parties, these mini-competitions are a way for you to achieve a few different things for your dancing, depending on where you are with your learning.

You'll dance two dances (one ballroom and one latin) either with your teacher or partner with three to five other students on the floor. You're placed in heats and you dance one dance for around 90 seconds. The only difference between this and a party is that there will be a judge watching you and about 30 students sitting around cheering you on.

For beginners, it's a chance to come in and see for yourself what all these different 'levels' are and to see other students dance them. But the main reason for these match comps, is to get you used to dancing while others watch you - not for competitive reasons, but for social ones. Too often we hear new students say they went out to a party, function or wedding but were too nervous or shy to get on the floor and dance because people were watching them. What better way of overcoming those nerves than to do them in the comfort of your Studio - with your teachers and friends all there to support you. Even our wedding couples, who may only be learning one dance for their wedding, forget there will be an audience waiting, sitting and watching their first dance on the floor.

For the more experienced students, it continues to help you hone your performance skills.

Regardless of where you're at with your dancing, our match comps are there to make you feel better and more comfortable when it comes to dancing in public, so the next time the music starts playing, you'll never have an excuse to sit down again!

Going to a dance class for the first time can be a little nerve-wracking. But when you take that first step through our door... we promise you won’t look back!