Crows Nest North Side Showcase - Sunday 3rd December!


Showcase is a non-competitive day celebrating our love of dance with fellow students & teachers. All students of all levels are encouraged to enter!

Where: The Epping Club
Day Session: 9am to 6pm
Gala Ball: 7pm to 11pm
When: Sunday 3rd December

Entry forms are available in the Studio and fees are due 20 October 2017.

Bring along your friends and family to cheer you on!

Spectator Day Session Tickets: $70 (includes lunch)
Spectator Gala Ball Tickets: $165 (2 courses plus beverages)

Guest judges!

Jaymie Haskell

Jaymie Haskell

Monika Longworth

Monika Longworth

What's it all about?

A Showcase is a one-day non-competitive event, held once or twice a year and it's specifically catered for those students who wish to try their hand at dancing outside the Studio, in a social environment and in front of a crowd, all without the stress of performing at a professional competition.

It doesn't matter if you've had one lesson or a hundred... everyone is encouraged to attend.

How does it work?

There are two parts to the day.

Part one is the day session. Very similar to a Match Competition, you'll dance with your teacher or partner (with three to five other couples on the floor) each dance genre of your choice in front of the audience and judges.

Crows Nest Showcase October 2016

Crows Nest Showcase October 2016

The judges will critique you for every heat based on how you danced for your level. This invaluable information, from an outside source, is something you can use after the event to further your dance progress.

Part two is the evening gala ball. The night begins with solo presentations from students who have been working on choreographed routines.

We then continue the night with dinner and lots (and lots) of social dancing!

What is "standard" and "standard above"?

When filling out your entry forms there are two options...

'Standard' refers to your curriculum material - everything you learn on your regular lessons. All students can enter this section.

'Standard Above' simply means you can perform material you have learned that is above your current dance standard. This is mainly applicable for students who have previously performed solos or competitions and whose program has allocated time for extra material.

If you strictly work on curriculum, you can still enter 'standard above' and simply dance your curriculum material. Most of our students enjoy doing this simply for the excuse to be dancing MORE!

Moral to the story

No matter what our hobby or what we learn in life, having an event or goal to prepare for ultimately strengthens and accelerates our learning process.