We'll help you create your dream wedding dance.

From a simple bridal dance to an extravagant routine, from the romantic Waltz to the passionate Rumba - whatever your dream for your wedding day, we can help you achieve it. And no matter what your skill level is, our friendly staff will make sure you feel 100% confident and most importantly - ensure you have fun along the way!

Wedding Dance Lessons Arthur Murray Crows Nest

It's your day

At Arthur Murray Crows Nest, we’ve been helping couples navigate the dance floor since 1968. We’ve choreographed personalised routines that are simple & relaxed to show-stopping extravaganza’s. Our friendly and experienced teachers will take the time to listen to exactly what you hope to get out of your special day.

Wedding Dance Lessons Arthur Murray Crows Nest

give yourself time

We've found the most effective way for couples to learn is through private tailored lessons over a longer period. We generally recommend starting 4 months before the wedding to allow you to gain the skills you need with sufficient time to practice. As the day approaches, you might not have the time - or head space - to do justice to practicing your wedding dance.

Wedding Dance Lessons Arthur Murray Crows Nest

last a lifetime

Our tried & tested wedding program ensures you not only learn your special dance, but that you also walk (or dance!) away having learnt a few other popular dances to take you through your reception, your honeymoon and beyond. Dancing is a skill that will last you a lifetime and learning a few extra moves will give you even more confidence for when the big day arrives.

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There’s no pressure or sales tactics – just come in and try us out! You get to enjoy a free 45-minute lesson and have a chat with your teacher about what you’re hoping to achieve for your wedding dance.

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